The Brand, the Bag and the Blog

I fell in love with some things whilst living in London…

  1. Cath Kidston
  2. Truffle oil
  3. The Battersea Power Station
  4. Train journeys, especially those to the Royal Tunbridge Wells
  5. Uggs
  6. The Kings Road (that one’s for you, Gold)
  7. Starbucks‘ skinny chai lattes with a shot of espresso for the kick
  8. The theatre (namely Wicked & Avenue Q)
  9. Houndstooth
  10. Mulberry Handbags

Last, but certainly not least, is Mulberry. I’d never heard of the handbag brand prior to moving to London and it didn’t take long for the Mulberry bug to bite. I fell in love with the Bayswater in Oak and I know this is a love affair that will last a lifetime. Simple, classical, functional, quality. You can keep your tassells and pad-locks and embellishment. I’m a simple girl, a Mulberry girl. I recently stumbled upon the Mulberry Blog which is one of the best I’ve seen from a brand perspective. Reading the blog allows me insight into the world of Mulberry and what goes on behind the scenes from bag design and office quirks to store roll-out. As a reader I feel privy to top-secret information, information only available to those within the Mulberry circle of trust. This is how a brand blog should make a reader and brand ambassador feel.

With every brand and its dog jumping on the blog brand-wagon, many could take a leaf. Make it personal, share a few secrets, let us into your office space and keep it quirky. Enough with the boring, serious, me-too brand blogs. Create an online cult and allow your reader to be a part of it.

brandslut xoxo

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