{Review} Pure Esthetics Skin Analysis + Fabulash Lashes

I was recently invited to visit Pure Esthetics in Parkmore for a Skin Analysis and a set of lash extensions at Fabulash; both under the same roof. I’ve always wanted to do a skin analysis but have been a little nervous of the results. We’ve all seen those horrendous photographs that illustrate sun damage not visible to the naked eye. Yikes! I decided to put on my big-girl panties and go for it. After all, I’m not a spring chicken anymore and really need to start worrying more about what I put on and into my skin. 

The Pure Esthetics skin analysis results look like this:

Brandslut for Pure Esthetics 1 Brandslut for Pure Esthetics 2

They use a tiny camera hooked up to a computer to photograph a small section of your cheek. The analysis then maps and ranks your skin according to the following criteria:

  • Sebum 
  • Pigment
  • Collagen fibers
  • Elasticity
  • Pore
  • Acne
  • Sensitivity
  • Moisture

A detailed graphic illustrates your skin according to each of the criteria above benchmarked against the ideal range for your age; and then finally a report maps out all criteria and your real age versus skin age. I’m 31 and my skin age is 37 – eish! Fortunately the two areas that have affected my skin’s age most, moisture and pigment, can be reversed by wearing sunscreen EVERY day and increasing the moisture within my skin cells. I thought that wearing a BB cream with an SPF  in it was good enough – nope! And I now have the skin analysis results to prove it. Now, I’m not a person who lies in the sun without SPF 50 almost everywhere. I also don’t tan often at all. So it just goes to show how much damage is done driving, sitting in sunny offices, exercising etc. It really is a scary notion – the South African sun is strong, folks. I’ve now added wearing HelioCare Advanced Gel (SPF 50) every day beneath my BB cream. It’s a phenomenal gel sunscreen that doesn’t result in breakouts and is super moisturising. 

On the moisture front I was recommended trace mineral drops. Apparently the lack of certain minerals in our body can affect how moisture is retained; particularly within the skin. I drink water non-stop throughout the day – so I’m not dehydrated. It underscores that we need to take a holistic approach to skincare. I’ve now started drinking 25 drops of these ConcenTrace drops each day and I’m keen to see if my moisture levels improve when I go back in a few months for a second analysis. 

In terms of my over-all skincare regime, I’ve added 4 amazing products/ranges that are active and penetrate both the dermal and epidermal layers for optimum results and my skin is thanking me. I was horrified to hear about some of the expensive big name brands that only penetrate the top epidermal layer; ultimately not having much affect other than costing consumers a fortune. These are some of my favourite new products:

1. LaMelle Correctives CE Complex – Right now I’m only using the Correctives which you apply first beneath your moisturiser. This stable, high concentration ascorbic acid product delivers a rapid AND delayed release phase ascorbic acid into the skin over a 12 hour period without any skin irritation. Irrespective of skin age, improvements in wrinkles, skin texture, discolouration and firmness are achievable with regular use. 

2. Neo Strata Renewal Cream – Formulated with 12% Gluconolactone, Pro-Retinol, Vitamin E and a Vitamin A derivitive; I use this at night to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, reduce pore size, improve elasticity etc. I’ve been using this at night for about 2 months now and it feels incredible on the skin – dewy and delicious. 

3. Alpha H Liquid Gold – I alternate this with the Neo Strata at night and it’s difficult to describe how awesome this makes my skin feel; it really is liquid gold. This product contains Glycolic Acid and is a powerful resurfacing and firming treatment for diminishing wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. If you have very sensitive skin this might not work for you; so perhaps try to get your paws on a sample before you splash out. It tingles for a little and then leaves your face looking like you’ve just had a facial. 

4. Acnevelle – Also from Lamelle, this is a skin supplement containing Zinc Picolinate and Nicotinamide and I take two tablets a day to work on my skin from within. I have a combination skin with some super oily and congested areas. I felt I needed something more than a topical solution to get to the root of the problem; and so far I think this is working.  

5. Smitten Facial Cleansing Mitten – This little pink glove is life-changing. Wet with warm water and clean your face – no soap, nothing. The magical fibre it’s made from (I have no idea what it is but it’s different to any face-cloth I’ve tried) gets right in there and cleans away stubborn make-up and mascara. My skin feels and looks like glass afterwards. 

Click here to book your Skin Analysis with Pure Esthetics.

After my skin analysis I was treated to a set of lash extensions by the famous Romy of Fabulash. I wanted a set of full but natural-looking lashes; something to enhance my natural pathetic eye-lashes. One thing I never leave the house without is mascara, mainly because I look like a mole without it. Here, proof:


I know, right?! Not a great look. Anyways, Romy’s work is meticulous and precise and the result was great. I also thoroughly enjoyed the process and foot massage whilst my lash extensions were applied. Here’s the result:

Brandslut for Fabulash 3 Brandslut for Fabulash 1 Brandslut for Fabulash 2

I’ve loved waking up with a full set of amazing lashes that require no mascara. You actually don’t need any make-up when your lashes look great. As a result I haven’t had to scrub my eyes to wipe-away stubborn mascara every day and I’m sure the skin around my eyes is better for it. I’ll have them filled next weekend; that’ll be 3 weeks since I had them done and they’re still looking fine. A few have fallen out, but that’s normal.

You can book an appointment with Romy, Thembi or Prudence online here.

brandslut xoxo


    1. I don’t know where I’d be without my lashes! They look fabulous! Yikes… I need to put big girl panties on too and see what age my skin is. I abuse it, so I’m a little scared! x

    1. I really want to go for a skin analysis test but am afraid of the results too. Although the sooner one knows the better I guess. Interesting fact about the minerals. Time to get my hands on some Concerntrace minerals because I know thanks to wine my skin is hella dehydrated!

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