Market on Main

Food p*rn from Bakerella, available at the Market on Main.


Finally, the weekend market Jozi’s been gagging for. January 23rd sees the debut of Market on Main which will be held every Sunday between 10AM – 3PM at Arts on Main in the CBD. If you haven’t yet been to Arts on Main, then this is the perfect opportunity to climb out from under the rock beneath which you’ve been living and smash a cupcake and mojito into your beak. Here’s the list of stalls that will be participating, and this is the vibe: 

“Market On Main will become a metropolis of culinary experts, ambitious food entrepreneurs and food lovers while promoting regional economic development. We support small businesses dedicated to creating local food systems and to reviving the thriving, equitable culture of the urban public marketplace. 

Beyond the outstanding cuisine, the people and the place are key to the success. Market On Main will incubate a new and growing business sector: purveyors who source food directly from farmers and producers whom they trust to be good stewards of our land. As a result, the market will become a hub of knowledge and understanding. A place to explore, to ask questions, to discover new flavours and to savour a unique atmosphere. Stallholders offer fine-food, design products, local farmers, seasonal items, gourmet goods, plants and herbs, fresh produce, cut flowers, organic producers and independent beers.” 

See you at the Meerkat Market on Main on January 23rd.  

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