A Magical Weekend at Grootbos

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My guy and I decided to get out of town on the long weekend a couple weeks back, nose aimed at Grootbos. I’ve been taunted by this Western Cape getaway destination for an age on Instagram (they do a great job on social media, by the way) and I’m chuffed to finally have crossed this off my ‘must-experience‘ list. Although I must admit it’s now firmly on my ‘to visit in winter‘ list; wine and fire-places in abundance. 

Grootbos is five-star rated and is nestled between the mountains and sea on the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, an eco-paradise. It’s an easy 2 hour drive from Cape Town, just 30 minutes beyond Hermanus and a stone’s throw from Stanford, my favourite South African town. It’s the kind of place where you’re greeted by name, a smile and nothing is ever too much – the service is outstanding. We stayed at the Forest Lodge, but other options include the Villa (sleeps 12) and the Garden Lodge. Upon arrival you’re offered a drink and a list of all the complimentary activities at your disposal during your stay – win! We opted for an advanced horse-ride out in the reserve. There are beginner and intermediate options too and I’d encourage this activity – it’s a great way to see the reserve and the trails, horses and facilities are world-class. Some of the other activities include exploring the ancient caves in the area, game drives, 4×4 flower safaris, bird-watching tours and beach picnics. There are also some paid options like scenic flights, quad-biking, shark cage diving and visiting Dyer Island. We opted for some R&R at the spa

I suppose I’ve saved the best for last: the food. You won’t go hungry during your stay. Enjoy a casual, buffet-style breakfast and lunch, both with menu options. Then brace yourself for the gastronomical five-course dinner, reinvented daily by Executive Chef Duane Lewis. 

I could ramble on for ages about the breath-taking private lodges nestled in the fynbos, the conservation programmes, the design and decor, the outside showers, the amazing swimming pool, the fireplaces, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking. Do yourself a favour and add Grootbos to your travel to-do list, you wont be sorry. 

Grootbos-11 Grootbos-3 Grootbos-4 Grootbos-13 Grootbos-14 Grootbos-16 Grootbos-8 Grootbos-17 Grootbos-6 Grootbos-15 Grootbos-7 Grootbos-9 Grootbos-10 Grootbos-12 Grootbos-18 Grootbos-2 Grootbos-20

Photographs by Derrick Carolin

And now for the exciting bit! I approached Grootbos about offering a reader giveaway and they’ve very generously offered a winter weekend break for two. I need you to click here to check out all the Grootbos experiences on offer, and then tell me which one tops your to-do list by commenting on this blog post. For an additional entry, follow @Grootbos on twitter, and then leave a second comment here telling me you’ve followed them. 

T’s & C’s: The prize includes five-star accommodation for two at Grootbos Lodge and Nature Reserve, including full English breakfast, three course lunch, five course dinner and all activities offered on the reserve (except boat trips, spa treatments, beach horse riding and scenic flights). Kindly note that all beverages will be for your own account, valid from 01 May – 31 July 2014. Subject to availability. Competition closes midnight on April 17th. The winner will be announced on the Morning of Friday April 18th. 

Follow Grootbos on twitter here, facebook here and Instagram here

Fingers crossed!

brandslut xoxo


    1. Back off Corder, I’m winning this shiz. I think some leisurely horse riding would do a great job of working off all that good food, and maybe an extended visit to the spa. Yes, that’ll do nicely.

      1. The flower safari sounds amazing! Have also followed on twitter

    1. Definitely the Guided adventures like the 4×4 Flower Safari and Quad biking – imagine what I could do with the GoPro ;)
      Oh please pick me… I am so in need of a TLC weekend away with the man – who has been working far too hard and never takes time off. This would be the PERFECT excuse!!
      PS. Followed @GrootBos

    1. My boyfriend and i have yet to go on a romantic getaway and we have been together for 4 years! What would make this getaway a dream come true is the fact that he is such an animal lover and adventure seeker! To go whale watching would just be incredible along with a whole list if things to do! Its amazing how much this getaway has to offer!

      Thank you for the opportunity to win something so amazing xx you might just make my entire year!

    1. Oh my.

      Obviously wine and dine is at the top of my list! But, and this may sound dorky, 4×4 that Flower Safari sounds fun!

      I already follow Grootbos on The Twitter. Dying to go.


    1. Definitely the whale watching- so exciting! The place looks incredible. Pick me pick me!
      Have followed @grootbos on twitter x

    1. Natures healing touch spa treatment. I can’t imagine a better place to enjoy a day of relaxation. Followed Grootbos on Twitter :)

    1. Hot damn I would DIE if I won this. Got married in Stanford in Feb and we were looking at Grootbos for honeymoon. Alas not so much finances left after a wedding apparently…???!!!
      Top of my list would definitely be a guided walk through the area, followed by a relaxing outdoor spa treatment, an obligatory nap and then a delicious dinner paired with some local wine.
      I mean a girl can dream right?
      Have followed @grootbos on twitter :)

    1. OH My would love to win this. I am getting married in May and a mini-moon straight after that would fantastic! We would enjoy any of the outdoors activities: Horseriding, Game Drives or the Caves! Failing that a Spa encounter is always welcome. I have followed on Insta, FB and Twitter…. holding thumbs xxx

    1. Omg amazing! It would be a toss up between the quad biking and the horse riding, but I think quad biking would win because I wouldn’t want to ruin the weekend with aching thighs ;) (p.s have like Grootbos)

    1. This place sounds absolutely amazing. I think we want to come anyway, having said that if we could win a trip it would superb. The spa treatment and tour by boat would be the things u would love to do.

    1. Hello Brandslut,

      Grootbos surrounds is the perfect blend of flavour, creativity and setting to unwind and to wine and dine.

      Would love to add @Grootbos to my Instagram feed.

    1. “These are the moments that write the stories of our lives” – so true… I will pick the walking in the fynbos-clad mountains.

    1. I would love to indulge on this weekend away, sampling some of the fantastic Hermanus wines and taking full advantage of the amazing forest Spa- am currently organising a large event and couldn’t think of a better way to unwind- have followed Grootbos on twitter

    1. Since I have started working I haven’t had a proper holiday or proper time off to relax, so the spa treatment experience immediately appeals to me. I’d love to just escape and enjoy everything Grootbos has to offer. I am also turning 30 this month (27 April) so this would make the most AMAZING Birthday gift! I follow Grootbos on twitter too! Seriously keeping all my Birthday wishes for this prize!

    1. The spa treatment sounds like heaven and the fine cuisine and wine is a close second!! Actual, the whole package they can offer sounds like a piece of heaven in earth!! Would love to go there!! Followed them now on Twitter :)

    1. Yeah, so glad you are running this competition. An epic walk and hike with my person would top my list.
      Adore the images of Grootbos, following them on twitter.

      Fingers tightly crossed to share this experience with a loved one who will be leaving the country in June, this would be a wonderful send off.

    1. My girlfriend is crazy about horses and we’re celebrating our 6 year anniversary this month so the horse riding would be the obvious choice.

    1. I have to go with a guided tour of the majestic surrounds by horseback, seeing as though I have never had the privilege of being on a horse before! Winding down with some fine cuising (your pics are amazing and making me drool), followed by a spa treatment to rejuvenate the next day!

      Because a weekend at this amazing 5* destination cannot be experienced by only utilizing one of the facilities and tours :)

    1. Hmmm. I would prefer to do nothing but soak up the view from those rooms and eat. Everything. If I must DO something iI would join the guided walk – at least we won’t get lost and miss dinner!

      (I follow Grootbos on Twitter already)

    1. Wow! What a stunning place! Everything looks incredible – but a horseback ride followed by a spa treatment tops my list! Following!

    1. I already follow Grootbos on Twitter @heatherdebruin and dream of visiting this awesome destination. Would love to take my parents with me and spoil them.

      I dream of exploring the Floral Kingdom experience and also learning about their community uplifment project ( this is near and dear to my heart).

      So hoping I will win one of these competitions for Grootbos.

      X heather
      I have done all you requested above.

    1. I would definitely go for the spar treatments package. Doug and I have not had a chance to go on honeymoon and we both need a little down time together.

    1. I’m normally not an outdoor adventure person but I’d definitely try out the outdoor guided adventures of quad biking, horse riding and whale watching. It may be winter but adventures have no season. As my first year staying in Cape Town it will be a great opportunity to see what else this beautiful city had to offer

    1. I would definitely go for the whale watching! Pick me. Pick me. Ps: have followed them on twitter. X

    1. The food looks spectacular! To wine and dine that 5 course of deliciousness with my boyfriend-lover will be beyond amazing. Followed @Grootbos on twitter, Facebook, instagram… What a place!

    1. On one of our many road trip adventures my husband and I came across Grootbos. It was late in the afternoon and the sky was casting a dusky pink glow across the the fynbos coverered landscape. We took a quick drive around the property and were immediately enchanted by the uniquely Cape setting. We both agreed upon leaving that Grootbos was a very special place and we added it to our travels wish list.

      Both my husband and I are keen walkers and would love nothing more than an afternoon amble with one of the Grootbos guides, learning all there is to know about the area. From indigenous plants to majestic marine life – I’m imagining a visual smorgasbord of natural wonder!

      Rounding off the day with a delicious dinner, a glass of red and sweaping ocean views sounds like just about the most perfect winter escape imaginable.

    1. Wow. Grootbos looks incredible. Thought hard about about this one. I would have a long list of to-do’s but the top of my list would be the flower 4×4. We live in such a beautiful area but I feel I don’t know nearly enough that I should about the very nature surrounding us. Would love to learn about it by going on such an epic tour, with the beautiful views.
      Followed on Twitter too.

    1. Hi there,

      I would love to win this to take my wife horseback riding through the reserve, she loves horses and even though I am not 100% confident on one, it would bring me such joy to see her having a ball on this kind of adventure.

      In addition we have recently got a new camera and have fallen in love with photography so it would serve as a new location to try capture some magical pictures.

      I have also started following Grootbos on twitter :)

    1. I’ve just followed @Grootbos On twitter and brandslut on Facebook and Instagram.

      I absolutely love this giveaway as it’s something that I’ve been wishing for for some time now – a break.

      Some much needed R & R in a spa sounds great. Also, maybe some adventure afterwards with whale watching, quad biking, horse riding, walks and hikes, soak up the sun and appreciating the breeze on a beach, sipping on a fruity drink with my best friend.

      I wouldn’t mind touring and exploring the caves and gaining information and experience that I could later educate the learners in my form class about.

      The photographs look stunning! Hope I win.

      Tasmeyah Dawjee
      IG: tasmeyah_

    1. Wining and dining is my thing, but the adventurer in me wants to go quad biking and horse back riding!!
      Besides it would be a different and most welcome kind of getaway, as my partner and I usually rough it up and head out camping … a little bit of spoiling can’t do no harm here … specially as the competition ends on my birthday (April 17th) … it would be the most perfect present and compensation for an extra year on the clock! ;) … PS I follow @Grootbos on Twitter!

    1. Whale watching is simply the most magical of experiences. Or a trail run through the fynbos laden hills. This is photographic paradise. (Following on Twitter & Facebook).

    1. A guided horseback tour….yes please!
      Have followed Grootbos on twitter, facebook and Instagram! Why no posts on Instagram yet??

    1. HORSE RIDING! The Guided Tours stand out to me, I love adventure! I’ve just recently started dating a gorgeous guy and this tops my list of things to do with him before I leave the country!! xxx

    1. HORSE RIDING! The guided tours stand out to me the most because I love adventure in nature. I have recently started dating a gorgeous guy, I know he’d love it! xxx PS I follow @Grootbos

    1. So many things to do but I would like to plant a tree, enjoy the tranquility, beautiful scenery, gourmet food & drink HPF wine and just chillax and enjoy the Grootbos hospitality. I am following Grootbos

    1. Oh wow my dream competition. I’ve also been following them on Instagram and day dreaming about being whisked away there for a luxurious weekend filled with nature, animals, beautiful wines and esquisite food. By day experiencing the nature reserve by horseback with a bit of whale spotting on the side and by night wining and dining with my husband. Aaah bliss….

      I’ve been following them on twitter & Instagram for a while now :)

    1. Our anniversary is coming up and I can’t think of a better place than Grootbos to celebrate our Anniversary.

    1. Spa!!!
      I have an eleven month old baby and would love to have my first break since becoming a mom. Love her to bits but I could do with some pamper time :)

    1. I would love to discover Grootbos while HORSE RIDING. Explore my adventure side a QUAD BIKE, tick off my bucket list with SHARK CAGE DIVING, if its too cold I’ll probably chicken out and whale watch. Hehehe noon, il definitely tick that off my list.m

      I’m Grootbos’s 4966th Facebook friend, 2202 twitter follower and 117 instafollower.

      1. I would discover Grootbos while HORSE RIDING. Explore my adventurous side on a QUAD BIKE and tick my bucket list with SHARK CAGE DIVING. I promise myself I won’t chicken out and whale watch instead hehehehe… Unless its too cold. Hahah look at me already chicken’ing out.

        I’m Grootbos’s 4966th Facebook follower, 2202 twitter follower and the 117 instafollower

    1. Went horseback riding at Grootbos on honeymoon. Absolutely loved it. Especially the serene beach that is so close by.

      Awesome competition. Followed on twitter too.

    1. I would discover Grootbos while HORSE RIDING. Explore my adventurous side on a QUAD BIKE and tick my bucket list with SHARK CAGE DIVING. I promise myself I won’t chicken out and whale watch instead hehehehe… Unless its too cold. Hahah look at me already chicken’ing out.

      I’m Grootbos’s 4966th Facebook follower, 2202 twitter follower and the 117 instafollower

    1. Whale watching tops my to do list, closely followed by a cave tour (are you kidding, how cool is that?! #IndianaJones). Needless to say, wining and dining is also a top priority.

      Grootbos looks like an incredible place in a magnificent part of the country. #LoveOverberg

    1. Definitely the Spa treatment. I am a therapist myself and would love to be on the receiving side. Plus my boyfriend and I work weekends so this would be the perfect excuse to get a weekend off together and get away. Sounds incredible ♡

    1. This is for my bonus twitter entry. #highfive wishing for #grootbosmoments

      Really need to tick of shark cage diving off my bucket list.

    1. Hot damn how the heck do I compete with all of those comments?
      I’m a Joburg girl through ‘n through (although Oosrand born & bred), but I love this city mostly for the promise of an outdoor escape of Sunday-afternoon-walks.
      So adventuring Capeward would be soaked up like a flipping drunk sponge! And the Hikes & Walks (and spa, duh, really?!) it will be!!

      Grootbos has been followed on er’rything. I expect to be made dilerious from scenery-envy now. And go!

    1. The guided adventure tours as well as the spa is a big seller for me and my only half. Really hope I can get to treat her to the weekend :).

      Followed on twitter as well

    1. Wow your pics are absolutely incredible as they capture the true beauty of the place- Grootbos has been on my top list of places to visit for ages now!
      I would choose one of the wine routes to taste all the wines from the overberg vineywards followed by one or two spa treatments to be pampered from head to toe!

      Following Groobos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

      x x

    1. Hey Brandslut
      Have to say Grootbos looks amazing!!!Already followed on the twitters also. I would have to say I’d probably try to cram quite a few of the activities into one day, starting with the guided tour on foot, followed by spa treatment, and quite possibly ending the day with some wine…

      Anyhoo, PICK ME :)

    1. The spa treatment no doubt. My wife loves a good treatment, and deserves a good spoiling.
      Ta very muchly

    1. Ooh! There is so much to choose from, but for me a highlight would be the hikes and exploring the terrain on foot.

    1. I could think of nothing better than a game drive in nature followed by a therapeutic spa treatment! B-L-I-S-S!

    1. Oh please, please, please pick me. This is an amazing prize and we have wanted to go to Grootbos for the longest time! FOOD, WINE, cave tour, whales, flowers – we will do it all! Squeezing all thumbs, fingers and toes :)

    1. I was immediately attracted to the Marine Big 5, all the Walks & Hikes, Whale Watching, Horse Riding, the Cave Tour and the beaches:) :)

      The Wine Tours are also VERY attractive!

      Absolutely love all the things they have to do:)

    1. I would definitely love to do a guided adventure! I have been following Grootbos on Twitter and on Instagram for a while and wow they really are superb on social media :) Your photos are great too!

    1. @grootbos is now being followed by all the twitter handles @brandnewmkt handles: @celioSA, @lundunworld @deanlederle @princesstamtam and @brandnewmkt

    1. Definitely quad biking adventure through the forests, valleys and mountains. Would so awesome! I’ve followed Grootbos on Twitter, Fb and Instagram. :)

    1. A guided walk seems just the thing to awaken my inner adventurer. She’s been hibernating for a few months now and the inner sloth has taken over instead. Excellent for catching up on reading, not good for the figure.

      So, to prevent my inner hippo from appearing, some scenic exercise, exploring the flora, jogging along the beach (ok, maybe we’re getting carried away here) might just be enough motivation for me to abandon the couch and spend some quality nature time with my (more active) better half.

      PS. Did the Twitter Grootbos follow as well.

    1. I must say everything looks stunning and surely on my ‘to-do-list’ but the Whale Watching and Shark Cage Diving are right on Top!!…Oh I now follow them on Twitter :).. Awesome pics from your Stay!! :)

    1. Ooh ooh definitely the whale watching – have seen them once from afar while perched on a rock – would love to be up close and personal with them :)

      Have followed @Grootbos on the twitter too

    1. Everything looks amazing such a stunning place would love to do the Whale Watching!! Following them on twitter tx

    1. What a beautiful looking place !

      The marine Big 5 would be my favorite activity I reckon!

      I could also easily relax in the spa for the day and the best thing is it a 3.5 hour trip from jozi.

      Great work organizing this compie

    1. Well, if the sky’s the limit… I’ll start with a Scenic Flight Tour to get the lay of the land. It’s always great appreciating our surroundings from a different perspective. Then, I’d definitely get to know those beautiful surroundings a little better with a super Hike and Trail Walk… it just looks so beautiful, so it goes without saying and then – and I’m putting myself out on a limb here – but I would like to go for a Horse Ride. I say, on a limb, well, because I have never been on a horse and I think that if there was ever an ideal opportunity to delve into the art of horsemanship, this would be it. To top it all off, a little treatment at the Spa would probably go a long way to soothe those horse riding muscles… if you know what I mean.

      Great competition, amazing prize… good luck, everyone.

    1. My oh my! I’m a nutter for flowers, so my Grootbos experience would have to be the 4×4 Flower Safari.

    1. The Hemel & Aarde valley is my favourite wine route in the WC. I’d pick the wine tour to make the most of the views.

    1. Wow wee! This place looks incredible!

      So difficult to choose but I’d go with Wine & Dine :)

    1. Wow so much to choose from…. I can’t decide which is better horseback ride, spa treatment and the guided tours. :-)

    1. I followed you on instagram when you were away at this magical place and thought to myself – lucky girl off galavanting overseas again – only to realise moments later you were just around the corner from ‘home’. Looked up more on Grootbos and even with all the amazing activities I think the one of sitting and staring at the amazing scenery that surrounds this lodge would top off my list! Obviously with a glass of wine in hand and a delicious meal to delight in!

    1. WOW. I would love a dining experience at The Boma and a treatment at the Forest Spa. Heaven!

    1. Is this for real? I’m in shock. So, so amazing!

      Would definitely pick the wine tour of the Overberg – sounds amazing and you know, wine.

    1. Oh my goodness, this place is incredible. We wanted our wedding there but they didn’t have our date :( So many options to choose from but I think a guided cave tour could be pretty awesome, followed by a relaxing body massage! Followed Grootbos on Twitter! Fingers crossed :)

    1. I have been dying to go to Grootbos for ages and your gorgeous photos reinforced that desire! I would love to do the horse riding and follow that up with some time in the spa!

    1. As someone who very rarely gets the chance to take leave (22+ leave days and counting…) and actually get out of town (and out of cellphone reception) Grootbos looks like absolute heaven!

      Though every single one of the experiences on offer seems magical (I mean who doesn’t love wine and flowers and pretty birds?!), since I’ve never been to Hermanus or been whale-watched seeing majestic Southern Rights doing their thing seems like the ultimate must do!

    1. I’ve also followed them on Twitter and am prepared to subject myself to witnessing all of @Grootbos’ awesomeness forever and ever.

    1. Miss Brandslut_ :)
      The purveyor of all things fabulous – how delighted we all are that you’ve found this gem! LOOKS RIDICULOUS and STUNNING and AMAZING.

      As you know, I haven’t been in our fair country for a few years, and seeing the magic that Grootbos has to offer, I feel like I could catch up on 3 years of missed South Africa fynbos, whales, beaches and beauty by spending a weekend here.
      The 4×4 flower safari really excites me, it looks like a spectacular way to see the Majesty of our fair landscape, but I’d die for a chance to see the whales, a once in a lifetime experience. PS, showering outdoors, riding horses and eating what looks to be the most delicious food, what girl could resist??
      I’m following the team on Twitter, and crossing all fingers and toes…

    1. Wow, really looks amazing! Let me spoil my girlfirend with this fantastic price (I am sure it’s a good omen that her birthday is the day the competition closes!)…and she already indicated that camping in the rain won’t be an option this year!
      Food, Wine and Nature…what do you want more?

    1. The scenic flights tops my list, followed by horseback riding adventure. Great review on a hidden gem.

    1. I’d love to do the quad biking adventure. I haven’t been on a quad bike since I was a teen, and I’d love to see the reserve this way! I’ve done a couple of hikes at Grootbos as a day visitor and would love to experience it a) as a weekend guest, and b) on a quad bike, so I reeeeaaallly hope I win.

    1. OMG everything everything everything. I love how they have so much to offer.
      If I could choose only one, it would be the guided tour by boat… I cannot imagine the rush of being so close to such a majestic specimen…

      This is a really amazing prize. Good job on making it available to folks :)

    1. I would love to treat my best friend to some horse riding – she hasn’t seen her horses in months and it would be such a treat! Followed on Twitter.

    1. Top of my list would be the Social Responsibility Guided Tour. So few places make their customers aware of what they are doing to give back to the community. Grootbos do this well and I think it should be celebrated by every guest.

    1. A horse ride to get over my fears followed by bottles of wine and a wonderful dining extravaganza!
      Following the bos on twitter. X

    1. Oh my gosh! Your post looks amazing and what an epic, epic experience. Everything on offer at Grootbos looks simply divine but I think I would say the most exciting thing would be the horseback riding through the private nature reserve. But, seriously…how could you not want to do it all!? :)

      Everyone is followed so that’s two entries, right!? :)

    1. Hands down a horse ride on through the surf. That video makes me so proud to be South African….can’t wait to move back in June. X

    1. I have been following Grootbos for a while and their Facebook page. I have always wanted to go during the whale watching season but this time I would like to have this for my boyfriend. It is his birthday on the 17th of July so a relaxing weekend would e good for us. He works 7 days a week and has been in Cape town for four years but has never been on a proper holiday. He is from Mali (desert) it would be nice to show off my country to him. I just changed careers and now an intern and there is no way I can afford this getaway. Selfish me, pics would look great on my blog!

    1. Whale-watching for sure. Living in a place where we have the best encounters with the worlds biggest land mammals the elephants…I’m intrigued to see these huge sea mammals up close in their natural environment. Following @grootbos on twitter

    1. I’m a sucker for anything food related, the dining experience at Grootbos sounds amazing! I already follow Grootbos on Twitter as well.

    1. Absolutely incredible blog post! Amazing photos and article. For years now I have been dreaming about this gem of a place, the enchanted waves, the peaceful view and horse back riding through the fynbos with the smell of ocean and proteas lingering through the air. Please #BrandSlut send me to this incredible destination.I know there are hundreds of comments already, but I hope I am the one :)

    1. WOW THIS IS AMAZING!! I would do the quad biking for some adventure and to see the beauty of this special place from an open space. Otherwise I would LOVE to do the 4 x 4 Flower Safari which looks absolutely gorgeous and educational of our beautiful country’s nature diversity.This is such a special place and I would be the happiest girl alive to WIN! Holding thumbs x

    1. Magical!
      The first (of many) words that came to mind when I read your blog.
      And the pictures added a thousand more.
      Would be the best treat/spoil ever to have the wine and dine experience. I wouldn’t call myself a foodie/wine expert, but I really like to sample the best our country has to offer, and Grootbos is suddenly at the top of my list.

    1. GUIDED ADVENTURES tops my list of experiences I love nature. A must do for me the scenic flights what doesn’t look more stunning from an aerial view.

    1. The recent move to Johannesburg calls for nothing more than a retreat to Grootbos. What tinkles my fancy is anything outdoor, a change from city life. Horseback riding followed by a massage in the spa would be the best!

    1. To begin: On the blog post, the instagram and twitter and facebook links for Grootbos aren’t hyperlinked :)

    1. We’ve stayed at Grootbos before, and it’s been on our “to return” list for 3 years. The last time we were there we did the island boat ride. This time, I’d love to experience their spa treatments.

    1. PS: I’ve been following them for ages already and I agree, they’re great on social media!

    1. Second: Bucket list items ever since I saw a post by another blogger on her Grootbos experience would definitely be HORSE RIDING and WHALE WATCHING. Winter weekend away with nature and fire places galore are required!

    1. Finally – have been coveting everything on Grootbos social media accounts :)

      Thanks in advance

    1. Since I don’t get to enjoy much R&R I would take the rejuvenating spa treatment and the guided walking tour is also right up my alley. Bliss!

      1. Are you bloody flipping joining with me? It all looks ridiculously amazing. I’m going to go with the horse riding, preferably with a glass of red wine in hand. Is that even legal? Who cares right?

    1. I would love to experience ANYTHING!

      The food
      The wine
      The nature walks
      The whale watching

      ALL OF IT

      Please pick me x

    1. I’ve been following @Grootbos for ages; because they’re just such lovely people, the pics they post are just awe-inspiring and what they offer and how the offer it makes me proud to be South African. What would I do if I win?? Besides raving on social media about BrandSlut and Grootbos, I’d book the braai under the boma – its quintessentially South African with a sprinkle of magic with the setting under the trees and candle light. That’s perfection!! :)

    1. Oh wow wow wow! The restaurant looks like a paradise flying in the sky. View is phenomenal I can only imagine that the food paired with wine from the area is delectable! Definitely wine and dine in style and finish my evening with a bubble bath overlooking the bay.
      Top that stay off with a morning walk on the beach and bird spotting! Pick me :-)

    1. What a magical Prize. The quad biking sounds adventurous and exciting! I followed @grootbos on Twitter.

    1. It’s a toss up between “Wine & DIne” and “Guided Adventure”…. can we take wine on the adventure? That will give more meaning to the “guided” during the adventure…

    1. I would just love to try out the spa treatments! I have followed @grootbos.

      Holding thumbs!

    1. Looks amazing! I’m all about the five-course dining experience – sounds incredible and a great treat for my brand new husband. I’m also following Grootbos on Twitter :)

    1. An ode to Grootbos

      A shaft of sunlight hits the ocean,
      A whale’s eye winks,
      Smell of fynbos and stable,
      Mini shower gels and the loving embrace of a fluffy white robe,
      Decadent meals and bursting tummies,
      Breathe deep, fresh air in lungs,
      Snuggle down, sleep deep,
      It’s Groot, it’s Bos.

      Oh for the love of all things magical please let me and my lovely boyfriend experience all the things mentioned above!


    1. The horseback riding would be on my to-do list. Also a pretty young blonde as my +1.

      I also succumbed to your amazing ploy and followed you on twitter.

      Good luck to everyone who entered.

    1. Definitely wouldn’t mind going out on a sunrise hike through those fynbos-clad mountains – followed by some Grootbos breakfast, and a Shiatsu treatment or 2 to get the heart rate back down!

      Then its time for a wino tour to whet the pallate with some Overberg flavours. Some dinner and reading by the fireside – with some stargazing squeezed in should top the day off just great thanks!

      Aaaaaaaaaand….back to reality.
      Ha, sigh!

    1. Oh my holy shmoly this looks so wonderful. I would definitely put a spa treatment on the must do list. Sitting behind a desk all day is hard on a gal’s neck/shoulders.

    1. Looks like an amazing place. Top of my list is to Indulge. Escape the craziness of my life….

    1. Michelle my other half is 8 weeks pregnant so some spoiling in the Spa and just sleeping late would totally be our favs!!!!!!!!
      Pick us Mish!!!!!!

    1. I really would LOVE to do the Shark cage diving,its on my wishlist and my dream! Please give me this awesome opportunity,Hubby and i never had a pretty honeymoon :( we would love to win.such a sweet opportunity :) *goodluck to us*

    1. Ok. I don’t want this – I’m pretty sure this is a need. Maybe even a basic human right.

      Please reply with suggestions on any bullying or bribing tactics that might work.

      I would be down for the spa, or the wine and dine. Or the wine and dine while doing the spa.

      And I have twitter-followed them :D

    1. Omg, where would one even start?! I’ve been meaning to go shark cage diving for the longest time, so I’d say that – obviously followed by an afternoon at the spa to unwind after all that adrenaline!

    1. OMG this is like the most amazing prize ever!! Grootbos looks absolutely to die for. I’m really torn between all the activities, but with my love for horses I keep coming back to the rides along the coast. The pictures just look magical (although a scenic flight doesn’t sound too bad either…nor do the spa treatments – especially after a long first half of the year! Oh the choices :) ).

      Have followed Grootbos on all accounts. Just love this competition <3 #fingerscrossed

    1. Sounds & looks incredible!!! Would love to watch the sun go down while enjoying their fine cuisine and sipping on a glass of wine, especially after a day at the spa!!Cant think of anythig better:) :) @brandslut

    1. All the experiences are just fantastic but the 4 x 4 and hiking through nature with my momma would be life’s most exquisite experience and memories never forgotten and cherrished!

    1. *Whale Watching* – I’d love to go on a “breath-taking excursion to watch the Southern right whales as they swim along the edge of the shoreline”. Sounds AMAZING!

    1. All of it!
      What an amazing experience. A reminder why we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country!
      A beautiful destination which optimizes the surrounding country side.

    1. The quad biking and whale watching caught my eye. This would be the best gift to give my boyfriend on his birthday 4 July. He loves the wilderness and touch of class the Grootbos bring completes us in a way. A perfect combination of love and the wild to a worthy couple.

    1. SO much choice!! I can’t chose just one, so top 3: cave tour, horse riding (because who doesn’t want a ‘riding off into the sunset’ pic), quad biking (for the man beast).

      Oh (pretty) please pick me…I’m in desperate need of some TLC time with my man. He has been working so hard he needs a treat :). Also, he’ll have no excuse if I win this wonderful get away!
      PS Plus teachers salary dude….This could be my one chance ;)

    1. i have read and re-read this entry, looked at the pictures even more, while imagining myself in that scenic environment. i have been longing for a getaway for the longest of times and sadly have not been able to go on one. whale watching, shark cage diving, beached and scenic flights are just some of the experiences that i know i would truly enjoy….following on twitter.

    1. Are you kidding me, I fell inlove with everything #sharkcagediving, #horseridingonthebeach #birthdayweekend

      @Grootbos you are a complete combination of my boyfriend and myself the wilderness and outdoor lifestyle and the touch of elagance and class.

      I would love to win to make his bday weekend in July extra special.

    1. would love nothing more than to experience the beaches, whale watching, shark cage diving and teh scenic flights while being one with nature and absorbing all the beauty.

    1. I CAN’T DECIDE!
      Your photographs depict a little slice of heaven in the wild. Props to the photographer for capturing the true beauty of nature and deliciousness that is Grootbos.

      It’s been a very busy few years for my husband and I since we got married a little over 2 years ago, and April 26 would be our 6 year milestone together.

      Unfortunately, our fast paced and demanding jobs mean we don’t ever get (or take) the relaxing time out that we so desperately need to reconnect with each other and Grootbos looks like the perfect escape we so desire.

      If I had to choose, I’d opt for a wine tour followed by extreme relaxation in that stunning spa.

      I’ve followed Grootbos on Twitter to keep up to date with their latest activities and have added this glorious place to my bucket place.

    1. Wow….looks amazing! Would def be a bit of wining, dining, adventure and of course Spa….as kids will be at home. some good quality alone time:)

    1. my boyfriend and I are excited about the quad biking adventure through forests, valleys and mountains.

    1. Hands down, a full body massage, for my man and I.
      He has NEVER had a massage before and he SO deserves one!

      PLEASE PICK US! Thanks Grootbos and BrandSlut! :D

    1. Owwwwkay.. see now this right here is exactly what me and my hubby need in our lives right now! Whilst leisurely perusing the Grootbos Webpage I have to say that top of my list would probably be a whole lot of wining and dinning (probably a wine tour or two to kick things off), followed by a little pampering at the spa and definitely some adventure thrown in to spice up the mix (the 4×4 flower safari sounds amazing and a scenic walk/hike each morning is a must for us!)… After a very rough 2013 and slowly improving 2014 this would be the most rejuvenating time for my marriage… I can already picture it all and am far too excited considering I am only one of many entrants, but here’s to day dreaming of a stunning place to capture special moments with my best friend in a beautiful place.

    1. Absolutely love the look of this awe-inspiring retreat… The whale watching and shark cage diving caught my eye- adding a surge of adrenalin to the tranquility ❤️

    1. This would make a perfect July birthday pressure fir me :) The Guided Adventure – Whale watching is the best experience. I haven’t done this before and seeing these magical creatures will be something quite spectacular.

    1. Oh my green lungs!! would most definately want to experience the Social Responsibility Tour and be exposed to the indigenous floral kingdom <3

    1. Following on Twitter @Grootbos
      5 Star Private Nature Reserve
      celebrating the unique Marine & Floral Biodiversity of the Southern Tip of Africa
      #travel #honeymoons #luxury #food #conservation
      Walker Bay / South Africa · grootbos.com

    1. Because I am from KZN originally, the thought of a game drive through a nature reserve is so exciting so I would definitely drag the man with along for that! But besides that I am such a foodie & spa frequenter, this seems like the ultimate break away from the daily stressors, into absolute bliss. You have definitely put Grootbos on my bucket list!

    1. Yo brandslut, First, and firstmostly, I would very much like say that I really respect Grootbos as a destination, and that I would be really very much honoured if you would consider awarding me and obviously my wife this fantastic, notwithstanding, vis a vis, amazing prize. Also, upon looking at the webpage, I have looked very much hard at what I would like to do, because there is obviously, a very much lot of great things to do, so I have, after a lot of many hours, decided upon the organic fine dining as my favourite, as I consider myself as caring very much mostly about the environment, and the sustainability thereof nothwithstanding, obviously, vis a vis the earth. Tx, xxx

    1. WOW!!! What an unbelievable place! The guided adventure tour would definitely be my first choice! Would absolutely love a break from the hussle and bussle of city life scenes I worked over the new years and christmas period. X X X Crossing my fingers for this one for sure!

      Thanks a mil! – Ryan

    1. Wine Tour! Winter fire & wine, will do me fine.

      Also, all Grootbos social media followed.

    1. Shark Cage Diving! horse back riding! Spa Treatments and Wining and Dining! The perfect getaway! I need to win this PLEASE!!!! also followed Grootbos on Twiiter

    1. Wow! I can’t actually choose which experience is the most amazing because they are all phenomenally fantastic! Wine & Dine, with its buffet breakfast and lunch and 5 course dinner sounds absolutely phenomenal, but then there’s the Guided Adventures with walks and hikes, cave tour, marine big 5, horse riding, scenic flights, whale watching and so much more! And then there’s the Wine Tours – I love my wine so the Hermanus Wine Route with its 16 vineyards would be so fantastic to explore! And then there’s the Spa Treatment experience – it sounds absolutely heavenly – what a dream! So I’ve come to the conclusion that one would need to keep coming back to Grootbos to experience all of its different facets, each one being equally amazing as the next! What a treasure of a place!!

    1. I’m also following Grootbos on Twitter! So glad to have heard about such an amazing place -Grootbos should be on everyone’s bucket list!

    1. My Husband and I are rock hopping adventure lovers. Being in nature rekindles our love for each other and our beautiful country. For us the ultimate would be to enjoy the Marine Big5 guided tour and the hiking. Any opportunity to be outside in nature would just make us happy.
      Grootbos has been on our list for a while, hopefully we will get to see it soon.

    1. Pick me please! :)
      I follow Grootbos of course – it’s perfection! I’d like to indulge in the delicious food, pamper myself at the Spa, go on the morning horse rides, walk on the beach and chill inside the gorgeous rooms, reading and enjoying the view… Would love to share my experience too. PS: Great prize!

    1. Gosh could never so no to a day at the spa… sheezers, Grootbos looks like a dream. Pleeeeease pick me!

    1. I’ve followed Grootbos on Twitter [and all their other platforms :)]
      the spa! oh the spa! outdoor massages sound like perfection.


    1. My boyfriend and I are still yet to go away together, and Grootbos id the place we would love to go to. Horseriding on the beach and the Quad biking in the veld. Its beauty and bush combined together. #buckletlist #bdayweekend

    1. The walks and hikes look spectacular out there! The cave tour also looks fascinating. Also. Your hair is like mermaid hair and your man should just be a photographer already. x

    1. I speak from personal experience here, the VERY best thing to do at Grootbos is to wake up at dawn and go for an accidental, make-it-up-as-you-go run down what you accidentally later on discover was a dirt landing strip.
      Then once you’ve earned it, you need to abuse the outdoor shower while basking in the view of the clouds slowly working their way down the slopes of the mountain side, in the far distance, over walker bay.
      Finish that with incredible breakfast on the main deck enjoyed virtually in complete stillness and silence, and you’re done.
      Time for a book,. and whatever the other silly top 5 things are…

    1. What a magical looking place – the perfect spot for a low-tech time-out of hot baths, late nights and slow mornings. My activity pick would have to be the cellar tour – trying out the region’s unique cool-climate wines in such a beautiful setting would make the experience all the more memorable. Followed @grootbos on Twitter.

    1. This is all crazy-amazing!!! I would honestly do everything, but ultimately I would love to go on a guided nature walk or hike… Phew!

      I’ve followed Grootbis on Twitter and Instagram

    1. I have a massive fear of horses. Dreams of me galloping on a stallion down a desserted beach normally ends with me taking an Urbanol.

      Having said that, I reckon Grootbos could cure my equinophobia with its fields of fynbos, deep baths, red wine, massages and 18 healthy, relaxed and well-trained horses. The focus being on “well-trained”.

      I’ve always wanted to experience Grootbos. The link to the booking page has appeared on many of my birthday/Christmas wish lists. I would be so appreciative and happy to win this experience.

    1. Grootbos looks absolutely incredible. Hard to choose just one ‘activity’ as the top.The guided cave tours sound super interesting (that’s my kind of thing!) but having never been to a spa before (I know, right?!) that’s also a top attraction. :)

    1. At this stage of the fight I would just go for the “relax and unwind” bit! I must say that the food looks exquisite!

    1. So unbelievably hard to say no to a Spa Treatment but because I am taking my Shiny New Hubby, I would do the beautiful Hiking and Trail Adventures…would be a bonus to do that for The Flowers towards end of the year! Wow this place is amazing, thanks for sharing. Ali

    1. Grootbos looks amazeballs, would die to indulge in a little R&R there! The 4×4 flower safari sounds magical.

    1. Definately a sucker for all the great experiences grootbos has to offer! Top of my list would be a flower safari, coastal birding tour and wine tour! Holding thumbs! Great blog brandslut! Xxx

      1. This is my second comment and I think the adventure tour would be perfect! You see I’ve been trying to think about the best place to “pop the question!” But nothing has come around that looks good. If I were to win I would most likely take her up in the biplane and her while we flying over the beautiful coast line, how could she say no ;-) We would absolutely appreciate this trip more than anyone and with such magnificent scenery she will never forget. Once in a lifetime we will always remember Grootbos. Thank you -Ryan

    1. I would love to do the cave tours there! Imagine taking a walk through there and getting a feel for what it must have been like for the Stone Age people and the Khoi bushmen to live there all those years ago. 2000 years of history and stories lie there. Being able to walk around the caves, take in the different smells, touch the rocks, watch the waves lap up onto the beach and take a swim in those waters would be so amazing right now! Definitely not something you would do everyday.

    1. Definitely the walks and hikes adventure. My boyfriend and I have set out this year to run all accross the country, this would add to the adventure!

    1. I would definitely do the 4×4 flower safari, followed by the caves. And then the spa. A nap and then FOOD. Obviously have followed on Twitter ;-)

    1. Wine Route on horseback… South africa has so much to offer, i fall in love with this country over and over again.

    1. This is such a beautiful part of the world. Fynbos experience followed by dinner with that view sounds wonderful.

    1. Um… The food… And the wine… And the spa… Oh and the 4×4 floral trip will go down well with my better half

    1. Dear Brandslut;
      My birthday is in the middle of the winter (4th of July) & I would love to treat #mylove to a WINTER weekend away to the beautiful Grootbos – it has always been a secret desire! We are uber foodies, so naturally the wining & dining part looks most attractive! *holding thumbs
      Great blogpost!

    1. The forest lodge looks beautiful and serene. The food is so beautifully crafted, like works of art. I almost took a bite at my screen.The spas are inviting and promises to transport anyone to the land of bliss and relaxation.I already follow you on twitter :-)

    1. Feeling lucky with the blessings that 2014 has bought to date so decided to enter #fingerscrossed! Def a spa treatment, some lazing in that pool and food for days xxx

    1. What a tough decision picking just one adventure! The food sounds mouthwatering and a dining experience prepared by Chef Duane Lewis would be incredible. But by a hair if I ahve to pick only one adventure to experience, Grootbos is a magical place and I would love to explore the area further by enjoying the quad-biking! Looks like so much fun!

    1. Oh, the wines of the Overberg! Never mind the top of my list – Grootbos IS my list. (Okay, plus a few international spots as well.) I would love to do the Wine Tour.

    1. I Have to say that the best part for me would be enjoying an unforgettable meal prepared by Executive Chef Duane Lewis and his team! :)

    1. How awesome is this place its the ultimate picture perfect South African photo opportunity ever. I love the idea of a rejuvenating spa treatment in their ancient forest-sounds super enchanting

    1. For me, it would have to be a guided tour of the area, on foot, to learn more about the local flora. No need for any fancy 4x4s or boats, my feet should do just fine! :)

    1. Grootbos honestly looks like a dream in a very unspoiled piece of heaven! Would love a trip there with my brand new husband! Top of our To Do list would be horse riding, definitely! Exploring the beauty of the reserve and area would be breathtaking! I also follow them on Twitter :)

    1. Wow!! Beautiful!! difficult to choose just one experience..but right now i would love to experience the “Hermanus Wine Route!” xoxo

    1. Simple pleasures top my Grootbos To Do List: I want to absorb this reserve through every pore and tickle every sense while becoming one with nature in the magical natural beauty. I want to smell the ocean, feel the early morning mist carried on a breeze across the water touching my cheeks as I explore on foot and feel the earth under the soles of my feet. I want to delve into the crags in the caves, photograph the fauna and flora and at the end of the day soak it all up again in my mind’s eye while enjoying a spa treatment in the ancient forest.

    1. Ah Grootbos would be ideal to celebrate my anniversary with my loved one in May! I’d definitely look forward to enjoying amazing food and wine, and just chilling out with my love.

    1. Holy guacamole, I would LOVE to go! Difficult to choose just one thing, but after breakfast in bed, a walk on the beach, followed by a spa treatment and a loooong relaxing bath with a glass of champagne, over-looking the fynbos and the sea in the distance, first prize would definitely be seeing a pod of Humpbacks! Such a magical place!

    1. The scenic flights sound like SUCH an incredible experience! Durban girl, been living in Cape Town for three months now. Absolutely dying to go on a little holiday somewhere, live in Table View so rarely get to experience places like this. Grootbos sounds like an INCREDIBLE place, would love to go there!! Perfect way to appreciate life and unwind

    1. I would love to go on the big 5 marine tour – looks unreal. And of course the wining & dining.

    1. Wow, so much to choose from! But I think I would have to choose the Standford wine route and maybe a cheeky stop at the Birkenhead brewery for a beer tasting :) All sounds too amazing!

    1. I’d definitely do an outride in the reserve, followed by a well-deserved massage at the spa. Looks phenomenal. Followed on Twitter and Instagram xx

    1. Hi Brandslut.
      I love the look of the Horse back riding on the beach! Pleeeease take me here :)
      I also followed @grootbos on twitter

      1. The quad biking is a definite must do on my list. It looks absolutely amazing, I would LOVE to win this prize!

    1. I would defintely go for the wine tour. The Western Cape is wine country after all- and I would enjoy tipsily eating all that AMAZING food (nice break from noodles)

      I followed @grootbos on twitter. And it it makes any difference, my birthday is the 17th of April (fo’ real) and my mom is coming all the way from Zimbabwe. This would be an awesome place to celebrate :) x

    1. It’s a toss between a massage at the spa or the champagne bar. Oh heck, who am I kidding- I’d do both!

    1. Anything on the wine and dine list – there’s little more indulgent than that combo. I’ve been wanting to visit Grootbos for a while, so I am going to add it to my must-see list.
      PS Followed @Grootbos on Twitter too.

    1. Me and the boyfriend are avid trail runners so I would definitely choose the “Hikes and Walk” and then see if they allow us to run the trail! That would be epic! I’m sure not many people have run the Grootbos trail! Tammy (and Shaun).

    1. I would love to experience the thrill of riding horses through the fynbos and along the beach with one of my closest friends. We would see the sun set over a winterey ocean then retreat inside for loads of red wine and as much dessert as we can manage. After all anything goes while on a mini-break!

      I’ve followed @Grootbos on Twitter :)

    1. I’m afraid of horses and small spaces but find the pictures so captivating I’m prepared to try either – horse riding would be conquering a fear in a majestic location! Would love to treat my love to a weekend away!

    1. I love horses so a horse back ride at beautiful Grootbos sounds incredible! What a great prize!

    1. responsible tourism for me yeah.
      Being a person who always wants to give, regardless of how much I have –

      Meet the change makers
      Go on a guided tour of the various community and conservation projects of Grootbos Foundation.

    1. definitely the horseback riding and spa treatments – that would be the most incredible and relaxing weekend away in the great outdoors! also following @Grootbos on Twitter!

    1. We got married at Grootbos 4 years ago, “magical” doesn’t even touch the surface. The attention to detail & dedicated service was mind blowing. Dino and I go back every single year and have had the amazing opportunity of being able to take our son there since.

      Everyone we know who goes is mesmerised and I love reading write ups like this on it, it’s a little piece of heaven that we now feel apart of, as you will too.

      This is a competition well worth entering.

    1. I would definitely choose the wine and dine option! Followed @grootbos on Twitter and eagerly awaiting the 18th of April!!! :) :)

    1. OK so checked the site out and followed them on twitter, wowzers, wish i didn’t look at the site because i never enter these things but this looks amazing and would be so awesome as a treat to my husband who’s been having a tough time and has always wanted to do shark cage diving (the day spa and quad biking is more appealing to me ;-)) #pickme

    1. I would love a 4×4 flower safari followed by a gastronomical five-course dinner. yum and yum. I love a winter getaway.

    1. Grootbos looks beautiful! The spa and wine tasting experiences look wonderful. I also follow @Grootbos on twitter

    1. I took my boyfriend to a game farm last year for his birthday which happens in May. This would be so romantic as a gift this year. There are so many adventure activities that would be absolutely awesome. We love hiking, beaches, horse riding, wine tours, whale watching, but if I had to choose, I would say shark cage diving, just because I have done it, but he has not. I followed @Grootbos on Twitter <3

    1. OOh, the shark cage diving sounds incredible! I’ve always had an urge do do that (although I’m not so sure I’ll be able to get myself in the water if I see a hint of a fin)! Followed by a day of wine tasting! Waht could be more divine!

    1. OMW. Just sitting on one of the balconies, with a glass of wine in my hand, watching the sunset, already sounds like a perfect experience! But the Marine Big 5 sounds like a once in a lifetime adventure! Fingers crossed x

    1. There is so much to do! And I want to do it all! But my top things to do at Grootbos would be:

      1) Horse Riding
      2) Spa Treatments
      3) Wine Tour
      4) Shark Cage Diving (don’t think my partner would agree with this one though!)

      I’ve followed Grootbos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and have added to my list of places to visit for a weekend getaway too!

    1. Definitely the horseback riding, there’s something so calming and spiritual about horse riding out in nature. My soul always returns with a smile.

      P.S your hair is amazing Misha!!!! Jealous!

    1. My husband is a tour guide, he has told me all about the magic of Grootbos but knowing me as a food nerd told me all about the multiple course lunch his clients had. Then I read an article in a foodie magazine about some of the dishes and each time Grootbos comes up I dream of tasting their food surrounded by the beautiful location.

    1. I’d love to include the whale watching in my visit! I have followed Grootbos on twitter too.

    1. Cave tours sound like a definite must for me and my wife who loves outdoor adventures and the experience sounds even better as the honeymoon experience we never got 5years ago.I follow Grootbos on twitter

    1. OOH LA LA….Such a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! This has “Megs” written all over it! Hello!? Oh please please please pick me? I am dying to experience this amazing prize with my sister Wendy and go on the 4X4 FLOWER SAFARI, as we both love flowers and nature in general and would like to experience the pure beauty that Grootbos and our country have to offer. I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs) and have been following Grootbos for a long time already! Fingers crossed! xxx

    1. oh my word, how do you just pick one? i would say the Marine Big 5 is the first one I’d choose amoungst many more!!

    1. Wow – there are such amazing things to do at Grootbos – but if I had to pick, I think I would really love to go on horse back riding.

    1. Hierdie Plattelandse kaalvoet-plaasmeisie wil beslis die natuur op die rug van ‘n perd bewonder terwyl die magiese son sak. Definitief ‘n naweek wat kos vir die siel kan bied!

    1. The pictures alone take my breathe away. I’d love to sneak my fiance off to Grootbos purely to enjoy the tranquility. He loves the outdoors and both of us are adventurous so we would definitely like to do the adventure tours and take in every beautiful inch of Grootbos. The quad bikes,beaches and horse riding would all come tops on our must do list. #weddingplanningisdrivingmecrazyandineedaholiday hehehe

    1. What an amazing property! Perfect for a foodie and travel fanatic like me :) I’m following @Grootbos . I love their conservation and Food for Sport projects. Aside from all the stunning decor and surroundings, that pool looks AMAZING!!

    1. The Hermanus Wine Route pretty please. The time out of busy Johannesburg will be much appreciated! I am following @Grootbos on twitter :)

    1. All good things at Grootbos starts with a F. Five Star, Forest Lodge, Fine dine & wine, Fauna, Flora, Fireplace, Forest Spa, Full Body Massage, Flower Safari, Floral Kingdom I am following Grootbos

    1. Grootbos in winter, crackling fire and quality red wine perfect time to spend quality time with your loved one. I am following Grootbos

    1. Ooh, tough to pick to just one…

      Being a wedding photographer, I haven’t had much time to photograph ‘out of work.’ So I think I would use the opportunity to photograph and enjoy the serengeti of the sea.

      I am following Grootbos on twitter.

    1. What a generous giveaway! I’m so chuffed that I can still enter! Grootbos has been on my watch list for a while – not only for the beautiful setting and gourmet food everyone raves about, but also for their responsible tourism initiatives. I’d love to see their work in action, and then, of course, enjoy the natural beauty for a bit of R&R.

      Beautiful pics!

    1. Can’t decide, they all look amazing! I would have to say either Whale Watching (lived in CT for 2 years and still haven’t seen one), AND/or Wine Tours – love the Hemel & Aarde wines!

      I already follow them on Twitter :)

    1. I would love to enjoy the specially prepared Chef’s Table in the Wine Cellar. The nine-course culinary journey accompanied with commentary by Executive Chef Duane Lewis will be like a masterchef experience.

    1. Hi there! This is place looks AMAZING! Would do real bad things to win this prize!

      Difficult to choose, as I want to do them all – but I’d do the Marine Big 5 – The Serengeti of the Sea first!!

      Following Grootbos on Twitter now!

      Holding thumbs, knees and elbows!

    1. Wow what a magical place :)
      The adventure I would like to do most would be the Shark Cage Diving – purely because I find them the most fascinating creatures in the ocean and any opportunity to get up close to one of these beauties would be a true adrenaline rush and so thrilling!

      Also followed on Twitter, IG and FB :)

    1. I would love to take my girlfriend on a wine tasting (and more!) experience through the Overberg region. I only have 3 weeks left with her before she departs back to Holland, and a weekend away at Grootbos would be a amazing way to end our short but awesome reunion.

      Grootbos and Brandslut, making dreams come true! :)

    1. Dying to visit Grootbos!! If we get a chance to be away together and leave our kids at home, I’m definitely going to do a massage!

    1. Defs would be wine tasting and then something adventurous! The food also looks wonderful!

      Have followed Grootbos on Twitter as well.

      Hoping to win!

    1. Hi :)
      I would love the horse-riding the most – to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and take in the smells and wonder of nature…

    1. Its a throw back, but appropriate: “Waa-waa-wee-waah!”. Now – I would do some whale watching, an eco walk and then collapse in the milkwood forest for some pampering in the spa.
      Just got my @Gooselips onto @Grootbos.

      Crossing me bits xx

    1. Such a difficult choice. To be honest I would probably do all of them. But if I HAD to choose, I would do an outride through that beautiful fynbos.

      Seeing the beauty of that landscape from horseback would do it justice, I think.

    1. Oh how I would love a mini break with my lovely husband from our 3 beautiful babies…

      The break alone would be amazing! but i would love to do a horse riding or Serengeti of the Sea adventures.

      Followed @Grootbos

    1. The quad biking 2 hour trail looks awesome, something the hubby would also be keen on:) I also would not mind a beach tour, having never done one and loving the beach, it sounds fab!
      I already follow @Grootbos on twitter.

    1. Wow I think any one of the guided adventures would be awesome. And so spoilt for choice with the diversity of options. By staying at Grootbos you’re exposed to experiences you wouldn’t usually get to do anywhere else in the country. Would be a great place for my honeymoon! :)

    1. Well well well, this all looks like just an absolute treat! But to be fair I shall say that shark cage diving and wine touring (in that order *do not want to know what happens if it’s the other way round!) are highlights! Happy days all round. Oh and also I followed @Grootbos because if one does not tweet what are they doing on the internet?!

    1. Love any one of the guided adventures & spa treatments. following Grootbos on twitter @rehanaseedat and liked their facebook page

    1. wow. so much to do… I’d have to stay a while…

      to kick start the weekend, definitely the advance riding option to the Walker Bay nature reserve… early morning start to the day, nothing better than the wind in my hair and the thrill of being on horseback (and to be so lucky to ride on the beach)

      followed by a glorious breakfast… (food looks incredible)…

      a lazy wine tour

      whale watching in season would be incredible..

      spa and relaxing, taking in the views, and a lazy afternoon walk

      all leading up the sumptuous dinner affair….

      I’d have to say, to wake up and look forward to the scenic flight would be incredible…

      and the guided social responsibility tour, the chance to see the Green Futures garden would be a real treat.

      so much to look forward to! definitely on my wish list – thanks!

    1. Grootbos Privat Nature Reserve is now one of my bucket list destinations for 2014 after reading this amazing review. Thanx so much for sharing your experience!!! I went through the Grootbos experiences and must say that I can’t really pick one…I want to experience them all…but if I have to for the sake of this competition, I’ll settle for the Wine Tours ( i’m only familiar with wines from the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek Wine routes ) and Marine Big 5 experiences.

      I’ve liked both Grootbos and Brandslut facebook pages and follow and shared on twitter.

    1. I’d love to win this weekend to take a journey back in time to the Stone Age, a time when man only started to discover his own ability and a time where man starting to travel to discover his own boundaries. Was it not for the past and the inquisitiveness of man, we would have no history or future to write or read about. I would really enjoy to travel to another part of our beautiful Country, where I’ve not yet been and would be extremely grateful to be taken on a guided tour to discover the wonders and mystery of the ancient coastal caves along the rocky shores of De Kelders!
      It would be an unforgettable experience, one that a future generation would be able to Google and read!

    1. Spa treatments… no; wine tours… no; wine and dine… NO. I don’t know! How does a gal choooooooooose….


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