Jozi Shore for GAP Styld.By

It’s been a little while since I’ve written. In the past few weeks I’ve moved home, cities and jobs, so I hope you understand the lull. This weekend we played tourist-tourist in my new backyard: Braamfontein. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I’m a Styld.By ambassador for GAP – part of a global collective of content creators and publishers. In this series I threw on a pair of GAP legging jeans with some leopard print, a jacket and flats and we walked the Jozi streets to the Nelson Mandela bridge. I live in my GAP denims, mainly because they fit both my legs and my bum properly; something I struggle to find in jeans. Lots of brands gape and the back – the worst! Here’s my Jozi Shore denim story…

GAP_StyldBy_Brandslut_LeggingJeans_October-4 GAP_StyldBy_Brandslut_LeggingJeans_October-36 GAP_StyldBy_Brandslut_LeggingJeans_October-18 GAP_StyldBy_Brandslut_LeggingJeans_October-22 GAP_StyldBy_Brandslut_LeggingJeans_October-10 GAP_StyldBy_Brandslut_LeggingJeans_October-19 GAP_StyldBy_Brandslut_LeggingJeans_October-24 GAP_StyldBy_Brandslut_LeggingJeans_October-37 GAP_StyldBy_Brandslut_LeggingJeans_October-35

And if you haven’t been to Father Coffee on Juta; best you get your good lookin’ ass there. 

brandslut xoxo


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