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Review // My experience using concierge queuing service, Don’t-Q

I have a feeling we share a mutual hate for admin and governmental procedure. This is the only thing I despise about life in South Africa; in 2017 why can’t we do these things online like the rest of the world does? Do you know that the entire nation of Estonia votes via an app? Instead we need to take half a day off work, or sometimes 3 like a friend of mine experienced recently getting her passport renewed in Randburg – horries! Standing in queues is time you could’ve spent getting actual work done, or spending quality time with your kiddos or eating cake with a friend.

The expiry of my driver’s license (where do 5 years go?!) has been looming and inciting nightmares, so I finally decided to pull my finger out and do something about it. I decided to take the stress out of the process and use Johannesburg-based concierge queuing service, Don’t-Q.

Because they’ll do it for you. 

The process is super easy, you hop onto the Don’t-Q website and create an account with them. Select the service you require from the list below and proceed to secure online payment. Once payment has been made, a Don’t-Q representative will call you to arrange an appointment. If you place your ‘order’ during office hours, you can expect a phone call within an hour or two.

I made my appointment for today at 9:45AM and met at the Don’t-Q offices just off Katherine Street in Johannesburg. I was given the relevant driver’s license renewal documentation to fill out and the Don’t-Q team checked that everything was in order to streamline the process. Me and another gentleman also renewing his license were chauffeur driven to the licensing department in Bedfordview where we walked straight into an allocated booth for eye-testing and fingerprints. No queuing. This process took about 15 minutes, with another 5 minutes for payment by Don’t-Q at the end. The door-to-door experience took an hour. ONE hour. Are you kidding? That’s a whole lot of hours left to eat cake. Best bit? They also collect the license and courier it to me when it’s ready.

Don’t-Q take a small fee to facilitate the transaction, transport and queuing on your behalf; worth every cent in my opinion and seamless from end-to-end. Here’s the list of concierge queuing services they offer:

Don’t-Q Document Services Offered:

  • Driver’s license 
  • South African passport
  • UK passport
  • Irish passport
  • Water and electricity connection
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Birth certificates (abridged and unabridged)
  • Marriage certificates (abridged and unabridged)
  • Change of vehicle ownership
  • Vehicle license renewal
  • Vehicle deregistration

Brandslut Reader Discount

Valid until July 31st 2017, Brandslut readers will get R250 off passport and driver’s license renewals. When a Don’t-Q representative calls or e-mails you to arrange your appointment, just tell them I sent you. You’re welcome.

My experience (and note this blog post is not sponsored) was an absolute pleasure and I will certainly use Don’t-Q in future. I really appreciate excellent service and will endeavor to do whatever I can to create awareness for companies like this one.

Brandslut xoxo

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